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Alex Burriss, known as Alex Wassabi or just Wassabi on social media, is an American YouTube star best known for his comedic videos and challenge videos on social media, specifically YouTube. Alex first started making videos with his friend Roi S.Q.U.I.R.T.I.N.G.S Fabito on the Wassabi YouTube channel. The pair’s big break came in 2012 when they made a “Call Me Maybe” video parody that went viral. Since then, Alex has continued making funny videos and now has millions of followers.


Alex Burriss, known as Alex Wassabi on social media, was born in Great Fall, Montana on March 28, 1990. He has two brothers, Andre and Aaron, who are also popular vloggers online. In addition, he had one sister named Mariah. 

As of August 2021, Alex Wassabi has more than 3.1 million followers on Instagram, 11.5 million subscribers on YouTube, 1.2 million followers on Twitter, 837,000 followers on Facebook, and 165,300 followers on TikTok. 

Alex first became popular on the video-sharing platform Vine, where he started posting videos in 2013. 

Alex started his YouTube channel in 2016 and has since acquired 4.5 billion lifetime views on his channel. 

For many years, Alex worked and made videos with his friend Roi S.Q.U.I.R.T.I.N.G.S Fabito. The pair first met in middle school in Durham, North Carolina, where they lived in the same neighborhood and went to the same schools growing up. The pair started making YouTube videos in 2006 with some friends and posted them online to share with family and friends. Their channel was called hoiitsroi at first, but they later changed it to Wassabi.

By the time Roi, Alex and their friends all got older, only Roi and Alex were making videos – including lip sync videos, dance videos and other comedic videos. They took a brief break in college but kept making videos for their channel. 

Their big break came in April 2012 when the channel introduced two new characters: Rolanda and Richard who both debuted in a “Call Me Maybe” parody. The video got over 57 million views and their channel went viral, gaining more than 8 million subscribers. The pair produced weekly videos and posted them on Wassabi Wednesdays. 

Alex and Roi moved from North Carolina to Los Angeles to work on their channel full-time and lived together with other YouTube stars, including Kyle, YellowPaco, and Marlin.

In 2016, Roi left Wassabi Productions to pursue his gaming channel, Guava Juice. Alex now produces videos on his own. 

In addition to his work on YouTube, Alex has also branched out into the entertainment industry to focus on acting and music. Alex appears in YouTube RED’s second and fourth season of “Escape the Night,” as well as “Lifeline.” He also has a role in “Boo 2! A Madea Halloween” and Hulu’s “Light as a Feather.” He also appeared in Nickelodeon’s “Middle School Moguls.” 

Alex released his first single in 2017 titled “My Side” and has since released a handful of additional songs, including “What It Is,” “What It Be,” “Night Shirt,” and more. 

Alex dated YouTube star Lauren Riihimaki for three years before the pair broke up in September 2018. In 2019, he briefly dated CaELiKe, a Mexican YouTube star. 

Alex used to have a merchandise store with official goods, but it has since been shut down.

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